Private French Tuition

Experience has shown us that the most effective language learning experience is private one to one tuition, in which a French tutor comes to your own home, gives you their undivided attention, and tutors you directly on a course that has been specifically designed to match your own personal requirements.

We can arrange a private tutor to come to you when you schedule allows it, and that flexibility remains even after the appointment is made: if your availability changes, so can your tutoring arrangements. Your private tutor will focus solely on you, answering your questions, modifying the pace, structure and content of the lesson to fit your proficiency and preferred learning style, in order to help ensure you get the most out of the tuition.

Home Learning

Learning a language in the comfort of your own home with private tuition is the most flexible and convenient way to learn French. Since our qualified and experienced native speaking French tutors come to your home you save time and money on travel. You get to choose the time and day, you receive the tutor's full attention, they can adapt the lesson to suit you, and furthermore, if you prefer to work within a smaller group setting but still want the flexibility and competitive rates private tuition offers, you can make use of our “Friends and Family” French group tuition.

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