Post-Beginners French Course

Can you speak extremely basic French but are now ready to increase your vocabulary? If you have already completed a beginner course with us or have had some exposure to French elsewhere, be it at school or even through your own study, but you now feel you need further formal training, we can arrange a post-beginner course for you. Our post-beginner French courses are designed to match student's individual needs and enables them to consolidate their existing knowledge and increase their ability to converse.

Let's assume you are able to introduce yourself and also to ask basic questions, although your understanding of the answers remains sketchy. You can recognise certain grammatical structures, but you confidence in using them is limited. It is time to re-familiarise yourself with your extant vocabulary and expand it. It is time to build upon those structures.

Find out how to book a hotel, buy tickets to a show and ask for directions. Make your French holidays richer by further delving into the intricacies of the language. It is one thing to be able to understand what is being said, quite another to be able to respond.

While survival French will help you during fleeting interactions or on a short trip to a French speaking country, regular interaction such as is inevitable if you move there will require in-depth knowledge. You need to not only be able to understand the language and respond in kind, but also know what to expect from the cultural standpoint, in various situations - the education system, admin procedures, job interviews, and the like. Get a head-start on learning all about the wider context of French with our post-beginners course.

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