London French Lessons

Conservative reports estimate that there are around 300,000 French people living in the UK, with up to two-thirds of them working and living in the city of London. This French ex-pat population grows every year and tends to be concentrated around west London, particularly the Kensington area. This ever increasing number of French speaking Londoners, plus the newfound proximity of their homeland thanks to travel links like the Channel Tunnel and cheap air travel, mean that there has never been a better time to learn the French language, be it for personal or professional reasons.

Typically the largest demand Conversation Piece has for French language training comes from the city of London, and with over 200 qualified and experienced French teachers available, we can match you with the perfect tutor no matter Language Lessons whereabouts in town you are located. Whether North, South, East, West or Central London, we have French tutor on our books not far from your home or office.

Variety of Options

We can arrange one to one tuition or small or large private group classes of either 2 – 5 or 6 – 10 people, at your London home or office. Both our client managers and our tutors have a wealth of experience in providing for students of various levels of ability, and will work with you to determine the subject areas you most need your lessons to cover.

We offer beginner, post beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, plus intensive courses, corporate language classes, conversation classes, cultural awareness classes, French language classes for children and classes for families or small groups.

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