French Language Lessons

The French language is spoken by about 130 million people across the world as a first language, and by another 400 million across the world as an acquired foreign language. It is an official language in 29 nations but is actually spoken in over 54 different countries, mainly in France but also widely in Eastern Canada (Quebec), Africa, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Monaco.

We provide a range of French language Courses to suit both your logistical and learning requirements and preferences. You might learn better in - or  simply prefer - one to one tuition, you might wish to learn together with a partner or even with a close group of friends, but still wish to avoid the classroom environment. In any case, we can arrange a private tutor for you at the venue of your choice, be it your home, your office, or anywhere else you desire. You also have the option of using our dedicated training facility in Wandsworth, although this is only available during weekdays.

Get Started

Contact us and complete one of our needs assessment forms, and we will immediately assign you an appropriately skilled tutor. They will thereafter conduct a telephone interview with you in order to further determine exactly what your requirements are. Using the information they have gathered from this interview, your tutor will then be able to go away and design a bespoke language course that has been composed with you in mind, and with one objective: ensuring that you get the most out of your French language training experience.

All lessons will incorporate core language skills, albeit to varying degrees depending upon your competency and needs. These include spoken fluency, listening skills, pronunciation and accent, reading and writing skills, plus telephone and email skills.

We have over 200 French teachers, and typically they maintain that a commitment to a minimum of 1.5 hour lessons per week is required. However this is, of course, flexible, and entirely dependent upon your availability and requirements.

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