French Language Courses

We offer one to one French language sessions, classes for all levels of ability, intensive survival/brush up courses and hourly tuition, mainly in the London and South East area. We have teachers throughout the area for the teaching of individuals, couples and families, and companies. You can start lessons any time you wish to suit yourself. Once you decide to start, we will put you in touch with your tutor and they will tailor a learning program to suit you.

Our tutors teach in a way that is active, using various materials and games, so that language learning is easy and fun. We have a variety of learning materials to help you progress. When you are ready for listening practice we have listen & learn cassettes and CDs to help you.

Course Content

The course content and teaching methods our tutors employ incorporate language acquisition and memory techniques proven by academics and linguists. Many students, both private and corporate opt for our unique intensive course that allows students to create thousands of sentences after only a few hours tuition. We can help you start learning to speak French today quickly and with confidence. French Language Course Content

The courses lead on from each other. Beginner and Post Beginner courses will give students the basis of the language and form a very sound foundation for further study. Words, including verbs, are taught which are the most used. This means that students can very quickly have a meaningful conversation. Intermediate and Advanced courses build on pre-existing knowledge and drive to your towards your meeting and exceeding your learning objectives.

Courses for companies can be custom designed around your business's particular language needs, intensive courses give you a quick but thorough language blast, while our proven revision programs are guaranteed to help you pass those all important GCSE or A-Level exams.

Conversation and cultural awareness classes can be arranged to broaden your immersion into the subject, and we also offer French language classes for children and for families or small groups. Our private tuition classes offer an unparalleled level of directed study focused solely upon your individual learning requirements.

Interested? Contact us and complete one of our needs assessment forms today! or see French Course Content