Intermediate French Course

Finally you are in a position where you are able to understand spoken French and respond in kind,  but that block remains when in the presence of two native French speakers communicating with one another. Wish you could get past it? Our intermediate course can help you do just that.

You have a clear understanding of the basic structures, but beyond that you sometimes lack accuracy and are uneasy stretching yourself. Most everyday situations are easily transacted and you can interact easily with native speakers, provided the conversation doesn't stray from certain known topics.

The next step for you now is to expand the limits of your vocabulary and understanding of the tenses, plus the vital addition of some colloquial colour to your phrase bank, and above all, to increase your fluency. Our Intermediate French Course will do exactly this, helping you to learn advanced vocabulary and increasingly complex forms, and crucially, ensure you have the confidence and belief to put them to use in conversation.

The topics covered by your Intermediate course will be tailored to meet your particular goals. It might focus upon everyday life French, holiday French, business French, and so on. If you are going to live in a French speaking country, you will need to be confident in matter such as where to shop, the price of food and many other cultural details, in order to facilitate your move. The intermediate course can also help you improve your fluency to the point where you can even start to read a few short novels in French, which in turn will help you discover colloquial expressions. Or the course can help you to discover the intricacies of French bureaucracy and how best to respond when you have to engage with it.

Not ready for the intermediate course? Try the beginners or post-beginners course instead.

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