Intensive French Course

If you are about to travel to a French speaking country or have an important meeting or interview that needs to be conducted in French coming up, an Intensive French Course could prove invaluable for you.
With one of our Intensive French Courses a specialist language trainer will come to the location of your choice (home, office or our dedicated training facility), for training sessions of a minimum of 3 hours a day, but arranged to suit your availability. The format is flexible and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

The content of your Intensive French Course will be designed by the Language Trainer to best reflect your needs and current level. A vast array of learning materials and resources will be used to ensure that you achieve your goals in an enjoyable and rewarding manner. These courses allow you to brush up on your grammar, communication skills and cover new subjects at short notice. The trip, meeting, interview or test that you face will not feel so daunting anymore.

One day intensive:
8 hours with a French tutor reacquainting yourself with basic vocabulary, covering general structures and grammar points, pronunciation and fluency. Your one-day intensive French course can be tailored to suit your goal: an interview, visiting France, meeting with French speakers, etc.

15-hour intensive:
One week, 5 days, 3-hour sessions per day – improve your vocabulary, widen your knowledge of grammar, learn some colloquial expressions and most important: practise your spoken French and improve your understanding of the language.

30-hour intensive (2 options):
Option 1: Two weeks, 10 days, 3-hour sessions per day
Option 2: One week, 5 days, two 3-hour sessions per day

Get to “the next level” with an intensive! Improve your fluency in a short amount of time in preparation for your exam, your interview or your holiday.

N.B: Intensives are usually recommended for students who have some knowledge of French. We recommend beginners have at least two 1.5-hour beginner sessions beforehand.

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