Learn French with Conversation Piece

Conversation Piece have over twenty years experience in organising French tuition for students all over the UK, and with over 200 French teachers registered with us, you can be sure we will accommodate your French language needs. We can help you learn french wherever you live in the UK.

Learning french with native teachers in your home

We only allow qualified and experienced French tutors to register with us, and so we are able to guarantee that the learning experience we provide will be both effective and fun. Our french teachers are available nationwide and can come and teach in your home. French Teachers and Tutors

Who can learn?

Learners of all ages, all language levels, many nationalities and from very different walks of life - teachers, lecturers, doctors, business executives, consultants, engineers, development workers, students, counsellors, administrators, and the retired – have all turned to us for the strategic training they need in French.

So, if you are keen to learn or improve your French language skills– whatever your personality type – we will provide a sound foundation for you. Whether your experience with languages is one of success or failure, whether you speak not a word, have survival skills picked up at evening classes, or a rusty GCSE or A-level, this unique training can help you. You can choose to take it as often and in as concentrated a format as you like.

Going On Holiday to France?

Are you going on a holiday in France and in need of a quick language blast? Our Intensive Courses are just what you require. Has your business recently won a new contract with a French speaking client? Our Corporate Language Training is the proactive solution. Or do you want to learn French but don't have the time or desire to attend classes? Private tuition, in your own home, at times to suit you, means you don't have to. Whatever your French language question, we have the answer. At Conversation Piece our answer is always Oui.

How does it work? - Flexible Learning

This is how it works. You can take your training as intensive study days, or by arranging tuition to take place at your office or your home. Regular non-intensive tuition is also available. Your French Language Lessons or Language Course will be designed uniquely for you, to reflect your interests, meet your needs, remedy your weaknesses and build on your strengths. We tailor our tuition to suit your learning and logistical requirements.

What we offer and the price

Conversation Piece offer a personalised service provided in a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. We offer an experienced, professional approach to learning french, at an appropriately modest cost. Some clients find their language training experience so valuable and enjoyable that they return for booster courses, or schedule a package of continuous private tuition and supervision over several months, so that – rather like belonging to a gym, or having a personal trainer – we become part of a lifestyle of continuing personal and/or professional development. French Language Lesson Prices

Contact us with as much information as you can about your french language aims, your time schedule, your availability and your language learning background, and we will suggest a tuition solution to meet your particular needs.

You’ll be amazed at the progress you will make