I want to learn French. How does it work?

Step 1: Setting up the initial 'discovery' lesson
Our process is unique in that we prefer to set up an initial 'discovery' lesson before all else to ensure that you and your French tutor get on well. Every individual student learns in a unique way, and your tutor needs to be able to connect with you in order to be alert to these differences. By organising an initial 'discovery' lesson, we look to ensure that you and your tutor gel with each other.

Step 2:  Your tutor gets in touch
Before the 'discovery' lesson actually takes place, we send you a confirmation of the appointment with your tutor’s details and the shape of the initial lesson. A few days prior to the lesson, your tutor will call you to introduce themselves, assess your level and discuss their first lesson plan, which may for instance cover an introduction to survival phrases. You should take this chance to explain your goals and any prior language learning experiences you may have had, so that your tutor can guide you accurately past any difficulties.

Step 3:  Initial lesson and Feedback
The initial 'discovery' lesson is an ideal time to discuss how best to achieve your goals. Your tutor will be able to offer advice on lesson length, course content, extra study and much more. After the lesson, a Conversation Piece representative will call both you and your tutor in order to gather feedback. This is your opportunity to tell us how the lessons went and how you wish to proceed. Your feedback, whether good or bad, is a vital part of the process.

Step 4:  Further lessons
If you enjoyed the 'discovery' lesson, and we know you will, we will arrange further bookings. Ideally lessons should be booked one month at a time (e.g. 4 hours if you have a 1-hour lesson per week or 6 hours if you have a 1.5-hour lesson per week, etc.) but we also offer discounts on larger bookings (5% off 20-hour bookings and 10% off 30-hour bookings). The more information you give us, the easier it is to work out the best deal for you.

From then on, we will call you when your booking comes to an end to renew. Contact us and complete one of our needs assessment forms today!