French for the Family (or Small Group)

Are you thinking of arranging a family holiday in France, or are you perhaps moving there? Conversation Piece has been providing language learning solutions to families since 1990. We are often contacted by families who are in the process of purchasing property in France, are organising a family holiday or are actually relocating the whole family there. In order to prepare families for such an immersion into the French milieu we arrange tailored lessons that combine essential language learning with an introduction to the French culture.

We recommend that children under the age of 15 learn separately so that their lessons can be adapted to their age and learning abilities.

Course details:
Your tutor will adapt the course content to suit your project, but the overall aim of the course is to ensure you and your family are able to deal with daily life situations such as those involving housing and amenities, travel and transport, the school system, local government and law enforcement agencies, currency and prices, shops and shopping for supplies, clothing, plus food, recipes and measures.
The typical format involves the French tutor coming to your home for a 1.5 or 2-hour session, which is divided into a 1-hour session for the adults and children over 15, and shorter sessions for younger children.

Small Group (Up to 5 family members &/or friends): £45 per hour
Book a course and benefit from a 5% or 10% discount