Finding Your Proficiency Level

Our first task when you enquire about learning French with us is to help you ascertain what your current level of proficiency is and use that information to subsequently design a tailored learning program that will best meet your needs. You will typically fit into one of the following categories.

Beginners French
You have no knowledge or little understanding of the French. You have no real idea about grammar, and have a limited vocabulary. The beginners course is for you.

Post Beginner French
You can introduce yourself and ask very simple questions with some understanding of the answer. You have a limited ability to communicate and find it difficult to understand the spoken language especially when it is spoken quickly. You should take a post-beginners course.

Intermediate French
You have an understanding of simple structures, but lack accuracy and do not always feel at ease using them. You can express yourself in most everyday situations and can converse on a range of topics. You belong in the intermediate course.

Advanced French
You already have a degree of fluency in French and have a good understanding and knowledge of a wide range of language structures and functions. Your French language skills could from fine tuning and a little variety in your options when you come to express yourself. One of our advanced courses could help you.

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