French Language Course Content

With over 20 years of developing French language courses for private and corporate clients behind us, Conversation Piece remains a market leader in the design and delivery of state of the art French language learning solutions. We have over 200 French language trainers at our disposal throughout the UK, and hence have a wealth of talent and experience to call upon in order to providing you or your Company with a French language course uniquely tailored to your particular requirements.

The content, pace and structure of your French language lesson or course will depend on your availability, proficiency in French and objectives. Whether beginner, post-beginner, intermediate or advanced, key areas covered in all our French courses include spoken fluency, listening skills, pronunciation and accent, reading skills, telephone and email skills, industry or business specific terminology, and presentation & negotiation skills. The content and teaching methods our tutors employ incorporate language acquisition and memory techniques proven by academics and linguists.

The courses lead on from each other. Beginner and Post Beginner courses will give students the basis of the language and form a very sound foundation for further study. Intermediate and Advanced courses build on pre-existing knowledge and drive to your towards your meeting and exceeding your learning objectives.

Courses for companies can be custom designed around your business's particular language needs, intensive courses give you a quick but thorough language blast, while our proven revision programs are guaranteed to help you pass those all important GCSE or A-Level exams. Conversation and cultural awareness classes can be arranged to broaden your immersion into the subject, and we also offer French language classes for children and for families or small groups. Our private tuition classes offer an unparalleled level of directed study focused solely upon your individual learning requirements.

Your French tutor will work with you to devise a course which covers all of the key French topics needed to reach your goals.

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