Beginners French Course

Are you an absolute beginner in French? Know nothing more than Bonjour and Oui? Do you know one or two simple survival sentences but wish you could actually engage in conversation and understand what is being said in normal everyday situations? Our Beginners course is perfect for you!

Learn how to read a menu and order your own food, or how to ask for directions and follow French road signs. You will get so much more out of a French holiday if you can just begin to understand and speak their language.

Choose to learn French so that you can meet new people from all over the French-speaking world. Do you have French speaking family members? Let us help you uncover your roots and discover your ancestral language and culture. 

French speakers joining your family? We can help you learn a few friendly ice-breakers with which to charm your new in-laws. Making an all important speech, business pitch or presentation? We can give you the tools you need to write it, and also give the you the chance to practice speaking it with the guidance of your native French speaking tutor in order to guarantee it all goes smoothly.

If you're moving to France, find out what to expect with lessons where language and culture are put into context. If you are seeking employment in France, you'll need to learn how to write your CV the French way, and also require help preparing for your interview. Your French tutor will answer all your questions and give you the tools to help you deal with all the everyday situations you will encounter.

Your beginners French course will be tailored to meet your specific needs, but will cover the following core competencies: meeting and greeting, expressing the time, days of the week and dates, talking about your occupation and family, enquiring about and participating in leisure activities, understanding, asking for and giving directions, shopping for clothes and food, plus buying and ordering meals, snacks and drinks. The grammar content will be tailored to each topic.

Ready for the post beginner, intermediate or advanced course?

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