A Level French Revision teacher

Are you preparing you’re A Level French exam and need some support? Since 1990, Conversation Piece has been helping A Level students from all over the UK to prepare for their French exam. Our tutors help you to brush up on your grammar and structures, reinforce your understanding of written French, improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency, enhance your understanding of spoken French, and finally, boost your confidence in preparation for the exam!

The tutors we select for A Level tuition have years of experience in preparing students for exam day, and will adapt their course to suit each student’s strengths and weaknesses, to ensure you achieve the highest results.

All our tutors are native or bilingual French speakers, so students who need specific help practising for the oral component of the exam will particularly benefit from the chance to interact with a native French speaker, improving both their fluency and pronunciation.

Our suggestion is for at least one 1-hour lesson per week building up to two 1-hour lessons per week nearer to the exam date.

Interested? Contact us today and get ready for exam success!